Sunday, October 5, 2008


almost ready

well, ash is 36 weeks so far and things are looking good. we are about ready to pack our bags for the big day. i have lived up to my promise of shelves in the nursery, but still lack guest room desk and downstairs bookshelves. i'm still waiting on the little elves to come and help in the middle of the night, but on second thought they might disturb ash a little bit. Anyway, ash probably scares them away when she checks under every bed and closet before bed.

Ash went to the doc Tuesday and things are fine. she has gained a total of 21 LBS. the baby is head down and is in the process of returning her tray into the full upright position for arrival. we can't wait and are as close to ready as 2 worriers can be.

i was stricken with the annual sickness this week but am better now. i missed 2 days of work. be thankful for any sick time you guys accrue. some are not as fortunate.

i hope everyone is still contacting congress over this "rescue plan". It's a done deal but keep an eye on what they do or don't do in the coming weeks. oh yeah did i mention, people need to go down for this. BOTH SIDES and irresponsible lenders and not least, ignorant loan purchasers. WE NEED TO HAVE A BIG CAKE PARTY AND WATCH THEM GET SICK!!!! Then we gan give them about 2 or maybe 3 TUMS.

Ash does not condone or support all of what is written above.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how many people does it take to do nothing?

Ash came home and told me that someone from a congressman's staff called her in reference to a disability case. My wheels started turning and i asked myself, "is there one person who does that per congressman?" or "how many people does the congressman retain for services and are they paid?" So i searched and found this website . being that public salaries are public knowledge, i found my answer and was shocked at the number but also salaries that are paid by you and I(the taxpayer). This is how big government has gotten. Check out David Price's staff or senator dole's. multiply the average staff members per congressman(535 elected members of congress) and you get an enormous tax burden. if they keep hiring aides and staffers, then the congressman gets the false sense that they can do more but in reality, i think it makes them lazy and unattached to the general public. I say we bring back the days when only the congressman go to Washington and that they do the work themselves. it's a good way to hold them accountable and at the least save a tremendous amount of money. Please check it out, it will blow your mind.

Monday, September 8, 2008

update from nick nick land!!!

well, it has been done. the blog has been updated and is in good standing with our dear friends. as you can see i have been busy decorating and ash has been busy growing. i have a close up of the stomach, but you must pay ash about 20 dollars for that money shot. we only need to buy the glider to complete the ensemble. ash is feeling good and is nervous but ready for our new daughter. i am too, i just need at least 4 more weeks. more to come!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

making room for baby!!!!

Ash is a little concerned about our lack of direction on the nursery. the room is primed and ready minus the 5 storage bins. we can't seem to make up our mind on the bedding. I think in the next couple of days, we'll have a poll on bedding and colors. If it comes to it, we'll have one for the name as well. Ash is feeling well health wise. Her new color seems to be black. She's not in mourning, she just doesn't want to look pregnant. check back soon for the upcoming polls.

Monday, June 9, 2008


It's a GIRL
ash and I are having a little(hopefully 4 ash's sake) girl.  the baby appears to be healthy.  now it's time to choose names and colors.  Names have not been finalized and maybe we'll have an online voting contest.  the winner gets to take the dirty diapers to the trash every night.